Wouldn’t you rather choose a plastic that comes from nature?

  • made from plant starch, a fully renewable resource
  • fully biodegradable when composted
  • has No Chemical Residues
  • Is disposable with food waste; no separation required
  • performs, looks and feels like fossil fuel based plastics.
Did you know
that our garbage is organic health food just waiting to be returned to the soil, so recycle the natural way, by choosing products that can be COMPOSTED!


Why NaturesPlast©?

  • Environmentally Friendly:
    Sustainable, without relying on fossil fuels.
  • Renewable Resource:
    Raw ingredients are agricultural starches (corn, potatoes or other renewable plants).
  • Returns to Soil: Biodegradable in 60 to 180 days in a compost facility.
  • Reduces green house gases: Requires less petroleum to produce and emits less carbon dioxide.
  • Testing Standards: Meets the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) & European Bioplastics standards for compostability.
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